Spring Co-op

Spring Co-op is coming!

Registration opens February 1st!

  • Sign up early! Some classes have a limited number of spots for students.

  • If a class does not have at least 5 students the class will be cancelled.

PCHE Co-op is not a drop-off co-op.

We can’t do it without you!

Parents  can  volunteer  in  the  following  ways:

1.  Teach  a  Class
2.  Assist  in  a  class
3.  Oversee  the  nursery  area  (set  up  and/cleanup)
4.  Help  set  up  classrooms
5.  Help  set  up  the  registration  table
6.  Assist  at  the  sign-­‐in  table
7.  Clean  up  (sweep  and  vacuum  and  throw  out  the  trash)

Please see your email or contact us at pche@pche.net for further information on where you can volunteer!