Yearbook Reminder

The last day to order your yearbook is June 1st (same day as the book sale).

Yearbooks are $20 each. Your payment is your order, so if you have not yet paid for one and you want to order one, please make sure you contact me so we can make sure you don’t miss out! I will be at the book sale on June 1st, so you can order there if you haven’t before that. I will also have my list of paid orders so you can confirm that you have ordered one if you would like to make sure.

We need pictures to pull from for the yearbook. There are instructions on the website for uploading them directly to the yearbook site. This helps us save LOTS of time if you are able to do it this way. If not, you can email pics to

We need you to label the pictures with names of people in them and the event at which the picture was taken.

Thank you so much for making our yearbook great!